There are several ways to evaluate the current processes in the world. One can either believe in the lethality of the coronavirus or not... one can think, that the markets will partly recover soon or not... one can wait for the outcome, or work frenetically... but one thing has to be understood unequivocally and without doubts: the model of the global economy, which has functioned over the last decades, is dead. And no commonly accepted alternative model has been found yet.

Humanity hasn’t been confronted with such a situation for very long. Even the citizens of the former USSR and the countries of the global socialist system knew exactly – their system is dying, but there was a blooming alternative system which they had to strive for. Today even this alternative system is dead. What is to be done in this situation?

You can say for sure what you should not do - do not hope that the old system will return. But a single person isn't able to build a new system, so where is it he can he turn to, be it an entrepreneur, a businessman, a politician, in the end. After all, the entire state machine of almost all countries of the world will act in only one direction - try to prove to all and everyone that the model is preserved and will work as before.

If you understand that the past cannot be returned, we suggest you to read a description of reality from those experts who understood what would happen, quite a long time ago.

One of them

wrote back in 2003 his book, «Sunset of the Empire of the Dollar and the End of Pax Americana», which describes many of the processes that we observe today. After that, he wrote many more books about the upcoming crisis, completing its theory in 2019.

Our other co-author:

has lived in California for 25 years, he worked in the financial markets and realized how the crisis potential kept accumulating. He is also the author of several best-selling books and will be commenting on market events in real-time.

Many years of work under severe pressure from the scientific and political mainstream, which today ended in a virtual collapse, taught our authors to see the real processes amid mass propaganda and a deep inadequacy of numerous "experts". And those who will read our reviews, will be able to understand much earlier than their competitors how and in what direction events will unfold in the raging oceans of today's economy.

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