Business consulting


Business consulting

The Fund runs consulting projects in various sectors of the economy for state enterprises, Russian businesses, non-profit organizations, foreign companies and representative offices.  Understanding the characteristics of the Russian business environment, a deep knowledge of the laws, the participation of our experts in public and legislative activities, allow us to provide the highest quality services.  Many years of experience allow us to provide versatile support not only in certain areas of our activities, but also in the planning and implementation of large-scale projects.

Fund’s Consulting Portfolio

  • Design solutions for state-owned companies and commercial structures
  • Project management (IT, production and technological solutions)
  • Lean manufacturing (trainings and consulting)
  • Audit
  • Legal and tax consulting
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Investment and financial consulting
  • HR consulting and staff recruitment
  • Legal

Full legal support for businesses

  •  Preparation and audit of legal documents, etc.
  • Due diligence
  • Advice on corporate law.
  • Registration Services
  • Labor Law Advice
  • Antitrust Advice
  • Intellectual Property Advice
  • Registration of property rights
  • Courts: arbitration, intellectual court

Tax practice

  • Tax advice on issues of current financial and economic activities
  • Development of an effective system of measures and measures to reduce the tax burden of the enterprise in accordance with applicable law
  • Examination of the organization’s tax accounting system in order to identify its shortcomings and related tax risks
  • Development of legal and tax schemes of activity
  • Tax planning
  • Development of a methodology for accounting and tax accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Consulting and methodological support of individual, complex operations (multilateral transactions, enterprise reorganization, etc.)
  • Tax disputes.  Preparation of motivated objections to tax audit reports.  Appeal of acts of tax authorities in courts
  • Information and consulting support for the current activities of accounting services (answers to questions, reviews of legislation, etc.)
  • Consulting and training events for accounting services specialists (seminars, trainings)
  • Internal Auditor Function

Auditing practice

  • Statutory audit
  • Audit of IFRS reporting
  • Audit Summary
  • Initiative audit
  • Cost audit
  • Express audit
  • Tax audit
  • Inventory Services
  • Financial audit
  • Investment audit
  • Audit of individual activities
  • Practice of accounting outsourcing and consulting 

Full accounting for companies

  • The function of chief accountant
  • Maintaining separate sections of accounting
  • Setting up a system of accounting and tax accounting
  • Accounting Recovery
  • Testing accounting staff
  • Support of desk and field tax audits.

Project management practice.  automation

  • Audit of the current project management system
  • Project management system concept development
  • Project Management System Design
  • Development of documents governing the project management system
  • Development of information system architecture
  • Formation of technical specifications for automation
  • Implementation of the PMIS

Project consulting practice in PPP and project finance

  • Development of legal documentation, incl.  various forms of contracts
  • Consulting and support on the creation of joint ventures
  • Development of constructive solutions for the implementation of PPP projects: development of a PPP model taking into account the specifics of the project, existing legal features, budgets, sources of financing and tax risks
  • Calculation of project risks, development of methods to minimize them, financial control, formation of a project team
  • Advice on improving the investment attractiveness of PPP facilities

Practice of financial and investment consulting

  • Diagnostics of the financial and economic state of a business
  • Asset Valuation
  • Credit Policy Development
  • Development of a financial model
  • Building a model of sustainable growth
  • Cost optimization
  • Development and implementation of a budgeting system
  • Determination of the need for borrowed funds and optimization of financial flow
  • Assistance in preparing a package of documents for contacting a credit institution
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Financial auditor
  • Development and implementation of management accounting system.
  • Audit of investment projects (examination of the business plan of the investment project)
  • Business planning (development of a business plan)
  • Feasibility study for the project
  • Financial modeling
  • Analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise
  • Marketing research.

Practice of international consulting for corporate clients and private individuals

  • International financial and tax planning
  • CFC Consultations
  • Management and coordination of tax expenses of corporate structures and individuals in the Russian Federation and abroad
  • Structuring and optimizing ownership and asset management
  • Legal and trust support, asset management
  • Individual technologies, integrated strategic planning and management
  • Confidential presentation of the services of a personal attorney and agent.

HR management practice.  Recruiting

  • HR audit
  • Setting up and implementing a personnel selection system
  • Development / modification and implementation of a motivation system
  • Optimization (restructuring) of the company's management system
  • Setting up a management accounting and budgeting system
  • Implementation of performance management systems for the IBO, BSC, KPI
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Organizational and functional audit
  • Selection of specialists for enterprises in various sectors of the economy
  • Expert selection of financial and legal personnel of any level and specialization
  • Top managers selection
  • Regional recruitment for network companies

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