Mikhail Khazin


13:00  April 22, 2016



Mikhail Khazin

Mikhail Khazin was born in 1962 in Moscow. He studied at a mathematical school in Moscow and in 1984 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, Department of Probability Theory. The supervisor was Yakov Sinai, Russian mathematician known for his work on dynamical systems. Mr. Khazin was engaged in the theory of dynamical systems and statistical physics. Since 1984 he worked in the Academy of Sciences of USSR, was engaged in the theoretical justification of the methods of mathematical modeling of molecular motion.

Since 1989 he worked at the Institute of Statistics and Economic Research of the Federal State Statistics Service of USSR (later Russian Federation) under the leadership of Emil Ershov. Since 1993 he worked for the Government – in 1995-1997 he was the Head of the Department of Credit Policy of the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation, in 1997 participated in the creation and leading of the Economic Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. In the summer of 1998 before default, he left Government. Mikhail Khazin is acting Counselor of state of the Russian Federation.

Since the fall of 1998 he has been engaged in consulting and economic theory. In the summer of 2000 the first article in the Expert magazine was published on the inevitability of a major systemic economic crisis. In 2002 a series of articles devoted to assessing structural imbalances in the American and global economies. In 2003 (together with Andrey Kobyakov) he published the book «The Sunset of the Dollar Empire and the End of Pax Americana» on the upcoming collapse of the global dollar system. For the first time the book examines countries, later known as BRICS, as potential leaders in regional currency zones. In the future, he actively developed this topic in a composite book published under the patronage of the IMF («Bretton Woods: The next 70 years», 2015)

In 2015 he created the «Mikhail Khazin Economic Research Foundation», which aims to finance the development of structural and dynamic models of crisis and post-crisis processes. In 2019 in Berlin he founded a company whose task is to disseminate analytical information on crisis processes in the global economy.

In 2016 (together with Sergey Shcheglov) he published the book «Stairway to Heaven», dedicated to the problems of power and management (total circulation is more than 50,000 copies). In 2019 he published the book «Memories of the Future. Ideas of the modern economy», which summarized the theoretical work of previous decades, and contains a comprehensive theory of the modern crisis process. Over the past 10 years, Mikhail Khazin has repeatedly participated in large socio-economic forums in different countries of the world (Ottawa, Modena, Verona, Berlin, Astana etc.). In particular, in 2012 he moderated the «Dialogue of Leaders» at the Astana Economic Forum.

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