Igor Toshchakov


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Igor Toshchakov

Igor  R. Toshchakov  ( aka «L.A. Igrok»)

US professional trader, educator, financial market analyst, investment adviser and investment manager in various financial markets since 1993 (mainly FOREX, but also Indices, Stocks and Commodities). Clients - various investment funds and private investors.

The maximum amount of capital that has ever been individually managed - $ 200 million. At some point managed the most profitable in the world (according to «Profit & Loss Magazine» magazine in 2002) FOREX-specialized investment fund «NorthStar Global Fund, L.P.» (Bellevue, WA, USA).

Igor R. Toschakov had owned online educational company «Igrok Trading School, LLC» (Los Angeles, California, 1998-2004).  Over the period of its existence, students from the 101 countries of the world went through the school’s educational program, master classes and seminars.

He is also the developer of the original «Igrok Method of Trading Templates», 1998 which is used by the author himself, his former students and followers in practical trading in various financial markets to date.  Invented and put into practice the very concept of «Trading Templates», which is a set of standard «trading strategies» for «the most typical market situations». The concept can be used for speculative trading in any existing financial market.

Author of the books

  • «Rules of Engagement» (2003).
  • «Beat the Odds in FOREX Trading» (2006) This book was published by Wiley, the oldest American publisher, with a 200-year history. The book was later translated and published also in Russian and Japanese. In the Japanese version, it was published in the Pan Rolling series «Wizards of Financial Markets», i.e. «Wizards of the financial markets.»

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  • «Beat the Odds in the Lottery», (2018) This book is not related to financial markets. Just in 2017, out of boredom, he became interested in lottery games. It took two months to develop the lottery algorithm and in the course of testing it turned out to win (in half with another lucky winner) the main prize «jackpot») in the California lottery «Fantasy 5» with a size of $ 310,000. Based on his experience, he decided to share his method with other sufferers of «free» money and quickly published a detailed book on this subject.


  • Announced by the publishing house «Wiley» (but not yet finished) another book under the working title «The Art of FOREX Trading». 


The author of a number of articles published in various specialized magazines. The most recent article «Diamonds are a Traders’ Best Friend, «was published in the November 2018 issue of» Trading in Stocks & Commodities Magazine», WA, USA.

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